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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Staying In A Chain Hotel

Travelers to big cities have many options when it comes to accommodations. From camp grounds outside the city to Airbnb rooms in neighborhoods to multi-story hotels in the city center, there are lodgings to suit every type of traveler and every budget. Many people opt to stay in a chain hotel because they are familiar with the brand. A chain hotel is often a good choice, but it's not always the best choice. The following are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of choosing a chain hotel.

A Chain Hotel Is Predictable

One of the top reasons why people choose a chain like Hilton or Marriott is that they know what to expect from the brand. They can count on a certain level of service, and they can enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings even in a foreign country. Some people choose a chain without looking further because they don't want to have to worry about whether they'll have wi-fi, whether there will be a pool, or whether the beds will be comfortable. Staying in a chain hotel can make traveling less stressful.

Chain Hotels Have Rewards Programs

Another advantage of staying in a chain hotel is that most of them have rewards programs. By becoming a member of a loyalty program, guests earn points that can add up and be exchanged for a free night at any hotel in the chain later on. Some of the best loyalty programs also offer room upgrades and bonus points that can transfer to partner airlines. The discounts from rewards programs can make chain hotels less expensive than other types of accommodations.

Chain Hotels Are Not Very Memorable

One of the disadvantages of a chain hotel is that the experience is so neutral that it is easily forgotten. Guests who want a more unique experience should consider a Boutique Hotel. This type of hotel is considerably smaller than the average chain, usually with less than 100 rooms, meaning that guests get more personal service. Since the hotel is independent, it is not constrained by brand standards, thus guests can enjoy unique interior design features. For example, some small, independent hotels decorate rooms with local or traditional artwork, antiques, mosaic tiles, and other details not found in a chain hotel.

Chain Hotels Can Be Isolating

Most chain hotels are located in large city centers, which is convenient for tourists, but some travelers prefer to get a more local perspective on the city they're visiting. Those travelers may prefer a home-stay experience. Services like Airbnb allow visitors to stay in private homes located in neighborhoods, where they can get more of a feel for daily life in the area.

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